• Reshaping the
    Way Business is Done.

    At Sientra, we understand dedication. That's why we
    cater exclusively to board-certified plastic surgeons.
    As you deliver on the high expectations of your
    patients each day, we'll be doing the same for you
    with innovative products and unsurpassed service.

  • Options You Asked For

    Introducing Sientra's growing portfolio of smooth round breast implants. Our new options feature more projections and a higher fill ratio.

    Learn More About Our Breast Implants
  • We Want Your
    Patients to Feel Good.

    Women want their breast implants to feel as good as they look. Our new patient website gives them the information they need to get started on their journey.

  • Relax. You're Covered.

    Standing by You, Your Patients,
    and our Products

    We have complete confidence in our products, and you
    should, too. That's why we were the first company to offer an
    implant-replacement program for capsular contracture.

  • Service.
    It's Why We're Here.

    With Leadership composed
    of highly experienced
    veterans in the field of plastic
    surgery, Sientra has an
    unwavering commitment to
    serving its customers.

    • <span class='bio_name'>Charlie Huiner</span><br />Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer
    • <span class='bio_name'>Rosalyn d'Incelli</span><br />Vice President of Clinical Operations
    • <span class='bio_name'>Dan Carlisle</span><br />Vice President of Product Technology & Manufacturing
    • <span class='bio_name'>Deborah Bettencourt</span><br />Vice President, Customer Experience & Corporate Administration
    • <span class='bio_name'>Hani Zeini</span><br />Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
    • <span class='bio_name'>Joel Smith</span><br />General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Corporate Secretary
    • <span class='bio_name'>Matt Pigeon</span><br />Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
    • <span class='bio_name'>Jason O'Hearn</span><br />Vice President of Sales
    • <span class='bio_name'>Rich Low</span><br />Vice President of Marketing
    • <span class='bio_name'>JoAnn Kuhne</span><br />Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
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